Time to Turn the Tide!

Election 2016!

We need to make Minnesota the best!   The money issue in politics is having a devastating affect.   Just follow the money and one can come to understand how decisions are made at the legislature.  Our campaign does not accept money from lobbyists.  My opponet in the last campaign maxed out in special interest money.  He also was the number one violator of the campaign finance laws in Minnesota (the DFL state party paid an $100,000.00 fine for those actions.)  Over $148,000.00 in third party money was spent on his behalf bashing me.  We need to take money out of politics period!

I appreciate the hard work and support from all of you.  During my first term in the Minnesota Senate we accomplished a lot, including:

  • Eliminating a $6.2 billion budget shortfall without raising taxes
  • Increasing the per-pupil K-12 funding formula
  • Streamlining government rules and regulations to improve job creation
  • Working hard to preserve local government control on many issues

But much of this work was undone by a completely controlled Democratic majority House, Senate, and Governorship.  This lead to the largest tax increase in the history of Minnesota.  In the last election cycle, we won back the Minnesota House with a GOP majority. Let's continue to work together to Reduce Government's Footprint and build a better Minnesota for ourselves and our children. 

I want to thank all the supporters and contributors to our campaign.  From the parade walkers, the door knockers, the lit droppers, the phone callers, and the lawn sign putter uppers.

Working together we will continue to make Minnesota a better place for you and your family.

Senator John Howe

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